What Will I Be Doing?

In this activity you will look at photos and type words you would use to search for them.

How Will My Service Make A Difference?

Adding search words to photos will allow media professionals at the Church to find photos to use in Church products that will be distributed worldwide.


Photos are submitted by members using the ”Submit Photos” activity. Accepted submissions appear in the ”Tag Photos” activity to have search terms added to each photo to make them more searchable.
The photos will become part of a collection to be used by Church designers (in Church publications) and members (in non-commercial lessons, websites, blog posts, etc).
Adding search words helps make the photos easier to find by Church designers and members.
Each image has search words added by multiple volunteers—including the contributor—to ensure completeness and accuracy.
Each image has search words added by at least 5 volunteers.
Add search terms for the main subjects depicted in the image. The number of search words will vary with each image, but typically 4-6 words is sufficient.
If you are not familiar with the subjects in the image, or cannot think of any search words, click ”Skip” and a new image will appear. The skipped image will be viewed and completed by other volunteers.
No. Avoid using adjectives to describe the photo. Instead, use nouns—names of places, events, buildings and other main subjects in the photo.
No. Once you have clicked on ”Submit & Advance” you will not be able to return to that image.
Yes. The search word submissions are tracked, enabling the Church to contact those entering inappropriate words.
Click the ”X” to the right of the search word you want to delete.